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There are two ways to order Shaklee Products. You can place a Shaklee order Online or by Phone. The benefit to ordering online is the ability to place an order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also place a Shaklee phone order by calling 1-888-550-4916 during normal business hours.

                                                                                          Order Online by Clicking Here:
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                                                                                            By Phone: 1-888-456-1402


Shaklee Products make Shaklee Unique. Shaklee conducts more than 80,000 test each year to ensure product quality. Shaklee has invested more than $250 Million in research, development and clinical testing. Our products are free of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and flavors, as well as parabens and many other chemicals. Shaklee also has more than 70 published, peer-reviewed clinical studies and over 55 patents. Our products work or your money back!

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All orders are shipped via UPS from our Groveport Ohio Distribution Center. You should receive your order within 5 business days, usually sooner!

Tips: Shipping goes by weight so whether you purchase one item or three items, the shipping charge will be the same. It is beneficial to purchase multiple items because it spreads out the shipping cost.

Example: If you buy 1 bottle of Vita-Lea the shipping cost would be the same if you purchase 3 bottles.

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                                                                            Shaklee Products are not sold in stores. They are sold only by Shaklee Independent DIstributors.